Are you tired of having poor measuring instruments in physics lessons? Then this is the right thing for you!

VidAnalysis is a multipurpose tool: In this app measurement, physics and the actual math behind it are combined. For example you can film the free fall of a small ball or a pendulum experiment with the camera of your smartphone or tablet. Next you analyze the video by marking the object you want the motion to be tracked in every frame of the video. With this information the app creates a time-x-distance-, time-y-distance-, x-distance-y-distance-diagram and adds all values to a list. You can also add your own function to the measured values into the diagrams.

Isn’t that cool?

Download Android app at Google Play for free:

Two sample videos ready for analysis can be downloaded here:
free fall, pendulum (the meter stick is 0.4m, the videos should be analysed in portrait mode)